If you’ve ever been to a brick-and-mortar casino, you probably know what it means when people say that the gaming experience in this establishment cannot be replicated in the world of online casinos. However, online casinos do their best to offer a realistic casino imitation. To achieve this, the internet gaming sites take the element of randomness as an integral part of their mission.

Random Number Generators

Casino games are usually chance games because luck or chance determines the winner and the loser. The outcomes of these games have to be randomly determined so that they resemble what happens in real casinos, where the aspect of randomness is an essential component of gambling. The randomness of the outcomes knocks off anyone who would imagine that they can accurately predict what happens next.

A random number generator, or RNG, as it is commonly known, is a computer program that does exactly what its name implies: generate random numbers. The program produces a series of numbers, and it can be commanded by a software to provide certain number(s) at any point in time. Since the computer has to follow some form of pattern or instructions, the numbers produced are not truly random. However, the RGNs used by online casinos are so sophisticated that any patterns or instructions they follow cannot be deciphered. Hence, RNGs are used by online casinos to serve one purpose: to effectively produce random numbers for purposes of game fairness.

Are RNGs Fair?

There is a common belief that casino sites use RNGs to cheat out players, which is a largely unfounded myth. As already mentioned, the main purpose of using RNGs is to ensure game fairness. If the outcomes of casino games are randomly determined, their true probability remains intact. At least theoretically, it is possible for internet casinos to manipulate the RNG-produced numbers by programming their software in a certain way, in order to tilt the scales in their favour. The reality, however, is that there is no reasons for the casinos to do this as they already enjoy the so-called house edge on every game. Yes, they pay out winnings, but they still make colossal profits. So, there is really nothing to prevent you from playing online casinos.